The only document that is needed is a signed list (the form is provided by us) where all the owners of apartments of the building agree that EME undertakes the management of your apartment building.

We follow the operation regulation of the apartment building (statute). In the case that the latter does not exist, Law 3741/29 states that “All shared utility expenses (cleaning, oil-natural gas, elevator, PPC, EYATH, etc.) are apportioned according to the surface (in square meters) of each apartment”.

We follow the regulation if there is one. Otherwise, according to Law 3741/29 it does not matter if an apartment is vacant or not. This means that every apartment must pay 100% of its share (even in heating expenses) regardless of whether it is vacant or furnished or not. However, a different decision can be made with the unanimous consent of the owners and for the time period that the latter is not disputed by anyone.

If this tenant is a lessee then you should contact the owner who is responsible for the apartment. If this tenant is the owner, the only solution is to claim this money legally. However, until the delivery of a Court, this apartment must be included in the calculation of the shared utility bills, and the amount that must be paid by it must be collected by the rest of the apartments.

We follow the regulation of the apartment building, otherwise, if even one single tenant disagrees, the work cannot be performed.